Have you heard about the Grand Potager? We help people grow and prepare healthy food!


Grand Potager

Grand Potager is a consortium not-for-profit organization with a seven-member board, and five corporate members. This number will grow considerably following a membership drive once the proposed pilot project is underway. Considering the support the individual partner organizations receive in Verdun, and the enthusiasm for Grand Potager in particular, membership is estimated at 25 individual members and 10 corporate members. The projects outlined in the pilot will serve an estimated 100 participants of all ages.

Grand Potager has been received with considerable enthusiasm by the community and community partners.

Grand Potager Mission


By creating an Urban Agriculture Resource Centre at the Verdun Greenhouses, the Grand Potager will become a vector for creating positive social, environmental and economic relationships by uniting the innovating projects surrounding food security and vegetable gardening under one roof.

Grand Potager will

  • Provide support and resources to community groups already active in the borough
  • Create exciting new vegetable gardening and food security projects for the Verdun community
  • Develop the local economy
  • Increase communication and networking between organizations, the borough and Verdun citizens

As a result, Grand Potager will provide a direct and tangible benefit to the Food Security of the residents of Verdun and improve the resiliency of the Verdun community as a whole.